This wide-view otoscope features advanced optics that increase magnification while giving you nearly a full view of the tympanic membrane— virtually eliminating the need for panning. With its easy-to-focus eyepiece, the MacroView allows for enhanced visualization to help you to see past cerumen (earwax), locate fluid behind the eardrum, and even perform exams without your glasses. The bottom line: the MacroView gives you a bigger, better, sharper view of the ear— helping you to perform everyday exams faster and more efficiently.

Parts of the MacroView™ Otoscope

Advanced Optics

Advanced optics provide 3X greater viewing area and 50% greater magnification than a conventional otoscope.

Adjustable Focus Wheel

The adjustable focus wheel allows you to accommodate for variable ear canal lengths, and your farsighted eyes.

Optional Throat Illuminator


Choose between disposable or reusable ear specula.

Insufflation Port

Insufflation port for pneumatic otoscopy.

Tip Grip

Tip Grip ensures ear specula are fastened securely and easily disposed.

Instrumentation Tip

The instrumentation tip can be used for foreign body or cerumen/ear wax removal

Next Steps

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