Introduction to Ophthalmoscopy

The eye is the only place in the body where veins and arteries can be seen noninvasively. An exam can reveal important details about a patient’s general health, such as the effects of high blood pressure, diabetes, or concussion. When performing an eye exam, the basic steps are the same for most ophthalmoscopes. Special features on each ophthalmoscope help support you during a challenging examination.

Welch Allyn manufactures two ophthalmoscopes – a traditional ophthalmoscope and our Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, designed to give you a 25 times larger viewing area, helping support faster and easier examination of the eye.

Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes

Welch Allyn PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope

Our revolutionary, wide-view PanOptic ophthalmoscope was designed to address the fundamental challenge of ophthalmoscopy—obtaining a good view of the fundus in order to make an…

Welch Allyn Traditional Ophthalmoscope

Our traditional ophthalmoscope combines many apertures and filters along with long-lasting LED illumination or halogen light (your choice) for reliable performance across general and specialist…

Educational Topics

Learn about the anatomical structures of the eye, how these parts of the eye work together and view side-by-side images of a normal, healthy eye against common eye diseases and disorders.

Anatomy of the Eye

Visualize the eye and learn more about its structures.

How the Eye Works

Learn more about how each part of the eye works together to support sight.

Eye Pathologies

The eye serves as a window through which many valuable clinical observations may be made. Direct observation of the structures of the fundus through an…