Harvey™ Elite® Stethoscope

The Harvey Elite offers updated styling along with the superior comfort and auscultation capabilities that cardiologists have come to rely on.

Harvey™ DLX Stethoscope

With trumpet brass construction, the Harvey DLX helps you hear more of the important cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds without relying on difficult “variable pressure” techniques.

Parts & Features


The Harvey DLX and Elite have fully adjustable binaural as recommended in the AHA guidelines. The triple-leaf spring allows tension to be adjusted, distending the binaural toward the interior of the ear canal. Each of the binaural tubes can be individually rotated for customer alignment with each users’ ear canals.

Dual Lumen Tubing

Dual lumen tube stethoscopes such as the Harvey DLX and Elite provide an individual sound channel to each ear. This allows you to hear the subtle characteristics of heart sounds and murmurs more distinctly. The heavier wall tubing also filters out the distracting noise typical of a busy medical environment.


The cup shaped bell side of the chest piece is used for listening to medium frequency sounds like diastolic rumbles, gallop rhythms, and murmurs.

Chest Piece

The chest piece provides conduction of sound, a double sided chest piece rotates to alternate between the two sides, the diaphragm and the bell.

Diaphragm (adult and pediatric)

The flatter diaphragm side of the chest piece is used for listening to higher frequency sounds like murmurs, clicks, ejection sounds and pulmonary sounds. The Welch Allyn Harvey DLX and Elite stethoscopes include both adult and pediatric diaphragms.